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Pegboard continues to invest and deliver in the SILicone products ability to not only join up your core business systems effectively but to ensure you have a choice on the most efficient approach to connect systems that suit your organisations unique environment. In todays ever growing and endless software and system opportunities, organisations are moving and adopting new systems to help with the onslaught and demand of doing business in their particular sectors. One of the core issues that IT managers try to ascertain is, " Am I able to integrate the new system into my legacy environment?" The answer can sometimes be fairly complex, its definitely easier to now deploy a new cloud SaaS system into the organisation but how do you avoid it creating yet another disparate data silo in your organisation that can become costly in the long run? 

The answer is to date is SILicone which continues to show the way forward for organisations, not only connect their core systems of any shape or size but also give IT managers, GM's CIO and Digital Managers a flexible approach that meets an organisations particular needs. 

With the release of the next version of 'SILicone Endpoint Agent' we now deliver organisations the options of where they want their SILicone connectivity to reside, on premise, in the cloud or both. Whether residing in the cloud or on a stand-alone server  the SILicone agent controls the connectivity, uptime and data flow. This may seem trivial in the scheme of things but our experience, market feedback and knowledge over a long period of time has compelled us to have these options built into SILicone to enable a faster, secure and extensible deployment and solution for the organisations we work with.

So if you are trying to untangle or build new integrations in your organisation and looking for a comprehensive approach to managing and growing your organisation. Talk to us today.

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