Headsetworld set to implement SILicone

Headset World is an Australian company who as the name suggests operates in the highly competitive space of headset sales. Recently they adopted the SILicone product to initiate a new approach to engaging clients and grow business. Via SILicone the website will automatically  compare and beat opposition sites and push information out to multiple engines showing the best price available to potential and existing clients. 

This is a unique and exciting approach to furthering a companies existing SEO and SEM services in the marketspace for ecommerce traders. It means that companies can not only expand their exposure via traditional digital marketing such as keyword, google AdWords and usual organic growth. The solution  they can now utilise with SILicone allows them to expose product and price across other leading opposition brands and companies to leverage a foothold and grow customers simply, effectively and cost efficiently.

Pegboard continues to drive real success for its clients across the spectrum of digital transformation and business improvement. Ask us we can instigate growth and save cost for your business. 

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