Introducing New Pegboard Client Reports

The reports provide clients with clear and concise statistics about their website(s), updated on either a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly basis depending on their level of support. 

This will allow you to identify important data and use it for future decision-making purposes.

The benefits of using client reports:

  • SWOT Analysis of your website which will enable you to proactively make changes to your site accordingly
  • Giving you suggestions and solutions for existing and potential risks to the site
  • Ensuring your website maintains a high-level performance rate
  • Identifying popular features, pages and blogs on your website
  • And plenty more!
These reports are customisable to meet the client’s needs. The data for these reports is derived from the client's Google Analytics account. In order for us to produce the report, Pegboard needs to be added as a user to Google Analytics and just like that your good to go!

We have been encouraging our support clients over the last few weeks to get set up in time for the next reporting period. 
Please contact Ashlie from Client Services if you are interested in receiving a report, or to find out if you are eligible!

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