Pryda engages with PegboardCo.

Pryda Australia have identified the need to implement an Asia Pacific solution for their Engineering division.
With strong growth and demand the ability to better improve customer service via smart digital engagement is high on the agenda.
PegboardCo. has engaged Pryda to roll out its Engineering Portal  product which has delivered excellent results across multiple companies in the last few years. Using the latest in technologies the PegboardCo Engineering Portal manages the job cycle from start to finish in real time for both the Engineers and customers.
Mr. Ashton Wynne-York PegboardCo' s. CEO said, " We've found that the flexibility that this product delivers is unique. Your not stuck in a traditional vendor quoting system that you can't change. Instead you are in a real time digital cloud environment that can be enhanced very easily to suit changes at an organisational level. I'm very much looking forward to working with the Pryda team to deliver a practical and productive solution." 

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