Pegboard Launches Wireframe Tools

Last Thursday Pegboard announced the release of its new Wireframe tools. Available to Pegboard Partners and their clients the Pegboard Wireframe tool aims to enhance customers experience in and throughout the scoping process that they undertake with Pegboard Partners. The tool is flexible and delivers both the workflow and a non design visual output that enables easy to understand visual representations of Websites.

Pegboard's CEO Mr Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, " Our team is continuing to invest heavily into technology that promotes the Pegboard Platform as a full Online Digital environment for Partners and clients. We are very determined to also continue delivering to our Enterprise partners, tools that enhance not only their delivery to clients but also tools them encourage strong brand growth coupled with powerful integrated functionality."

The Pegboard wireframe tool is available now to all Enterprise Partners of Pegboard. For any inquiries please contact our Sales or Support team.

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