Australia's largest online Printer retailer Printersupermarket adopts SILicone.

Printersupermarket.com.au is the largest national leader in online retail for Printers, Scanners and toners have adopted the SILicone platform to enhance automation, productivity and business decision making within the organisation. 
The problem that Printer Supermarket is experiencing which is a typical one for start-up companies is large growth and success in a relatively short period of time. 

PSM Director Mr. Tarquin Hartland explains, "Our growth over the last few years has been rapid which is in part due to a strong business model, a great customer service and support team, and a powerful customer focused e-commerce Platform. However with growth comes the endless challenge of handling mounting data, transactional information along with multiple systems that aren't integrated in an automated fashion. It's got to the point that our day to day internal processes were becoming more to do with manual admin and management rather than getting on with the business of continued growth and customer support. 

We were beginning to sink in the lack of true systems automation it seemed we had a spreadsheet import export for every process that was hard to manage and high in labour cost. We spent some time investigating how some of our system vendors could deal with the issues but we found them to be very vendor centric and rather than finding the best solution for the business they were finding the best solution that they as a vendor could deliver not necessarily for the overall success and futureproofing of Printer supermarket. When Pegboard took us through their SILicone product not only did we see a holistic solution to our current problems but it delivered whole lot more improvement that we hadn't thought of which is going to make a significant exciting improvements to how we interact and support customers."
Pegboard CEO, Mr Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, "We are very excited to have Tarquin and the PSM team on-board with SILicone. For Pegboard the ability to deliver real outcomes for companies around their data, core business systems and sales and marketing is our key motivation and with SILicone it's fantastic to provide solutions quickly and efficiently to these companies. "
The project is set for delivery in the 1st quarter of the next financial year.

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