Lemac Australia adopt SILicone

Lemac who have been serving clients for over 40 years in the Film and TV industry have continued to lead and grow in providing its clients a broad range of services
and equipment that meet the ever changing market. 

During the journey Lemac have continued to expand their digital footprint and their internal core business systems to meet the demand and services that their client
base demand. With growth the need to deliver information faster and with more client centric service is increasing. Enter Pegboard who have worked closely with the team at Lemac to
develop a solution that will sharply improve the speed and clarity of transaction and services available to clients and also to internal staff. 

The solution is another SILicone led project that will encompass both Marketing aspects and Admin processes allowing the ability to increase productivity internally 
whilst delivering to clients more quickly and effeciently. 

Pegboard CEO, Ashton Wynne-Yorke said, "It's been an in-depth process with the team at Lemac that together accomplished a vision and strategy that will create some 
fabulous enablement around sales and admin via the SILicone platform. We are integrating with Lemacs ERP and Digital Applications to create a streamlined approach 
to deliver real time data to stakeholders across the organisation. The motivation has always been for Lemac to look to achieve a project like SILicone however 
until now their attempts with the traditional point to point integration approaches have had limited success. We are extremely proud and excited to be working 
with Sue and the team."

Stage one of the project is due to be rolled out before the end of the year. The Pegboard team are looking forward to being part of Lemac's growth and continued success.

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