Sharing Content to Facebook via the Pegboard Console

Sharing Content to Facebook via the Pegboard Console
Facebook has changed the way it let platforms share content to their respective Facebook pages.

It now requires website pages to be decorated with Open Graph meta tags, and using these meta tags Facebook would "crawl" the website pages to extract information that eventually becomes a Facebook post.

Gone are the days where platforms can just push content, and URL links without any verification from Facebook. They have also changed their policy whereby integrating platforms need to go through an application review process by August 1, 2018.

Without the verification from Facebook these platforms would lose access to APIs necessary to integrate with Facebook.
Pegboard has successfully gone through the application review process so access to the Facebook APIs by the Pegboard platform would now continue to work. If your Pegboard website is experiencing problems posting to Facebook, please follow the instructions below to assist you with this issue.

1. Send a request to Pegboard support to upgrade your Pegboard website to version 6.5.1905.5011 or later.

2. Delete and re-add your Facebook endpoint in Pegboard. 

In the Pegboard admin console go to the Social Media Settings page under the Settings menu.

Select the add command, select the Facebook endpoint, select the image region, select the posting option "To a page I administrate" and enter the name of your Facebook page.

3. Authorise your Facebook endpoint in Pegboard

Click the "Authorise" button in the Commands column. This will take you to Facebook log in page where you need to complete a series of steps.

Log in to your Facebook account. This should be the account which has administrator access to your Facebook page where you want the posts to appear.

Select your Facebook page.

Make sure that "manage_pages", and "publish_pages" permissions are ticked.

4. Change necessary templates by decorating these with the Open Graph meta tags. Refer to this knowledge base article link https://support.pegboard.com.au/kb/a317/sharing-content-to-facebook.aspx for more information.

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