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Superior design, software and infrastructure that is aligned to your business requirements.

Consultation and Scoping

In order to promote productivity, growth and ROI in their online environment, it is crucial that every business has:

  • Harmonious integration between their chosen sales and marketing systems and core systems
  • Flexible content management functionality;
  • Full, professional support services; and Confidence that their data is secure.
If you’re missing something from this list, Pegboard can make this the reality for your organisation. 

Our experienced team will first take you through a consultation to get a sound understanding of your business requirements and Return on Investment potential. 

The outcomes from this consultation will inform the scoping process, during which we will together determine:

  • The sales, marketing, and core business systems you need harmoniously integrated via Pegboard SILicone integration.
  • The architecture of your integration endpoints;
  • The requirements for Pegboard7
  • The infrastructure necessary for Pegboard7
  • The degree of support you require;
  • Your pricing and licensing fees, which are based on the outcomes of your scoping meeting.
From here, our experienced design and development team will take the reins and ensure that your infrastructure exactly matches your requirements.
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