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Playgroup NSW Case Study

Integration of Marketing and Core Systems Project

Completion Timeframe: 12 Months


Playgroup NSW who are a Non for Profit organization that is funded by the Australian Government service over 100k families in NSW.

The organisation needed ability to track, communicate and invoice its members seamlessly and under its current regime of disparate and legacy systems the organization was suffering from poor point to point integrations, unproductive workflows, outages and lack of flexible infrastructure.

This case study serves to outline how Playgroup NSW, together with Pegboard, were able to eliminate approximately 4 to 6 hours of labour per day associated with manually inputting of data, content and additionally adding automation into processes and workflows within the organization saving staff time and adding to the overall productivity and growth of the organizations membership base.

About Playgroup NSW

Playgroup is an informal session where mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies meet up in a relaxed and friendly environment. The adults stay to interact with other adults and to play with their children.

  • Playgroup gives children an opportunity to have fun, make new friends and develop new skills through informal play
  • Playgroup provides parents and carers with an opportunity to meet other parents and carers, make friends and share ideas and experiences
  • Playgroup also allows parents and carers to spend quality time with their children, encouraging, helping or simply playing with their children    
  • Playgroup is not-for-profit
  • Currently around Australia there are 103,000 families regularly participating in Playgroups, meeting in halls, neighbourhood centres, churches, private homes and parks

There is really no typical Playgroup these days. You will see families from all walks of life at Playgroup.

In fact, in NSW there are over 1,500 Playgroup sessions with over 25,000 parents and children meeting each week.

Disparate Data and workflows

Playgroup NSW manages over 25,000 members which equates to 103,000 families on an annual basis. When Pegboard were invited to initially meet with Playgroup the initial audit found the following;

  • Unsupported Legacy Core systems.
  • Broken point to point API’s.
  • Separation of core systems with marketing and communications.
  • Poor or inflexible workflows that were a hindrance to data input and reporting.
  • Unproductive manual processes for staff
  • Poor member services and automation driven by lack of integration
  • Lack of integration into Financial systems
  • Original CRM implementation did not deliver key workflows to the organisation
  • Multiple vendors competing against best interest of client.

What Playgroup NSW looked for to resolve these issues

Frustrated with their old, manual processes and restricted revenue stream and membership management, Playgroup NSW realised that something desperately needed to change. They began looking for a way forward to streamline their organisation for the future. Playgroup NSW highlighted several key areas;

  • An Enterprise Web Platform that was business system focused whilst still truly being a marketing and communications platform.
  • A CRM that was flexible cloud based and had the capability of strong membership management
  • IT infrastructure re-architecture, ability to move from internal systems to cloud based where possible.
  • Flexible productive workflows for internal staff to utilize that work for the business logic.
  • Single Lead Vendor for project stability, point of contact, budget clarity and support services ongoing.
  • Single point Integration Layer that would bring together and communicate with multiple business systems.
  • Security and integrity of overall system.
  • A viable return on Investment for the organisation.

The Pegboard Solution

Web Platform

  • User friendly.
  • Ease of Access via mobility technology.
  • Member friendly via CRM connected Pegboard7 portal access.
  • Function rich delivery reusable workflow across the whole environment.
  • Communications platform i.e. EDM’s and member updates.
  • Linked to brand and designed to invigorate the brand.
  • Updatable and flexible for staff to utilize.

Single Point Integration (SILicone)

  • One communication and connectivity platform to connect multiple core systems (Pegboard SIL).
  • Encompasses IT Configuration, Marketing overview and Reporting Console.
  • Integration data transformation for Xero Accounting
  • Integration data transformation for Dynamics CRM
  • Data workflow Management
  • Business Intelligence reporting Dashboards

CRM Implementation

  • Dynamics CRM 2013 version configured based on workshop outcomes with key stakeholders

Cloud implementation

  • Private Cloud Instance to host Pegboard7, CRM, SIL.


Overall project outcome for Playgroup NSW

The overall end result delivered to Playgroup NSW was a highly efficient implementation platform that delivered an intuitive and highly effective outcome for both Playgroup NSW staff, its stakeholders, sponsors and members.

Pegboard was able to deliver measurable results, and satisfy all of Playgroup NSW KPI and functionality requirements.

  • Successfully automated marketing and core business systems saving 4 to 6 hours per day in labour.
  • Implementation of customized CRM within KPI tolerances
  • Design, built and delivered new integrated Pegboard7 Website saving staff approx. 15% in time around the managing of content and adding more ability for staff to wholly manage environment in comparison to old Website.
  • Delivered new members environment to allow members to manage their profiles, billing and information. Thereby taking away needless internal data input by Playgroup NSW staff. Saving approx. 14% in labour.
  • Increased productivity via flexible workflows by 30% in CRM.
  • Increased ability for staff to access information 25% faster
  • Enhanced internal reporting for organisation.
  • Reduced print and administration costs by approx. 15%
  • Strict Project management KPIS met
  • Delivered project on time and on budget
  • Delivered ROI in less than 14 months

Pegboard’s Ethos


Simplify the creation, flow and management of data across organizations


Enable organizations to transform how software is used to better engage customers


Deliver reusable, flexible software that are easily customizable with rapid implementation.

If you are ready to drive productivity and achieve measureable results through Pegboard7– just as Playgroup NSW have – contact one of our sales team today on (03) 9005 4795.

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