Pegboard7 Software®

Problems that Pegboard7 Solves:

Inflexible Content Management Functionality

Lack of Digital Security

Extensive Reporting Process

Limited Support and Maintenance

How We Do It:

Flexible Content Management Functionality

  • There is now a range of flexible and scalable online platforms that offer enterprise-level functionality and features to handle your specific website requirements. Pegboard7 technology enables you to easily edit any of the content on your website, freely share information and content across all of your business systems, streamline your content across multiple sales and marketing platforms

Enterprise Level Data Security with Minimal Risk

  • When you invest significant resources in a website or integration platform, it is reasonable to expect peace of mind that your data and customer information are secure, and that the right security protocols are adopted across your platform.

Live real time reporting

  • Pegboard7 comes with a customisable dashboard designed to give you real time data and statistics about your website. Easy to analyse, export and report improving productivity and boosting an organisations ability to make quick and informed decisions. 
  • When it comes to reporting on data drawn from multiple sales, marketing, or core business systems across your business, many organisations are still reliant on Excel spreadsheets to do so. Poor integration between these systems restricts the ability of employees to quickly and easily organise, analyse, and report on data, directly impacting their productivity and ability to make quick, informed decisions. 

Complete Support and Maintenance

  • Support for your organisation’s integration and website development needs should be streamlined and easily accessible. Pegboard7 integrates a range of marketing and core systems through the online platform to allow the  team to deliver professional, full service support to ensure that all of your individual digital needs are consistently being satisfied.

MODULES that you get with Pegboard7®.

Pegboard has designed and built a stable online digital platform that covers the best of all typical requirements of medium to corporate clientele. It delivers a vast array of online engines that allows organisations to flourish in an age where it is hard to get consistency, growth and return on investment from your online environment due to change and technological barriers.

Pegboard7 is also database neutral allowing businesses to integrate their CRM's or ERP's seamlessly into the platform. This neutrality ensures that businesses are not locked into a vendor for their online solution that in most cases does not deliver a full online digital platform with all the tools a company needs to utilise into the future.



Pegboard7 delivers a fully flexible approach to your online store and commerce activity. With multiple approaches to your workflow to choose from Pegboard commerce is the better choice for your business.



Pegboard7 E-Marketing tools are available to you to manage and control. You just need to formulate the correct strategy with the right knowledge and resource and engage!

ODP tablet

Enterprise WCMS Software

"The sheer power to control and manage our content, message and offering has delivered us the single most cost effective growth in our business over the last 3 years!"


Mobile Responsive

"Our research told us that we needed extend our online approach to Smartphones. It was great to know that our Website already had the tools to achieve this without having to rebuild everything again."

Enterprise WCMS

Pegboard API

Pegboard Extensions allows you to customize, extend and integrate Pegboard into your client’s business environment to increase the value of the delivery of your project.

social networing.

Social Media

"The keys to Social media productivity are already integrated into Pegboard7. This is helping us to manage our growing social media needs substantially"

For any organisation who keeps ROI front of mind, it is crucial that they make the most of their entire digital presence. However, ad hoc integration practices and limited support from their online platform vendor means that it is often impractical for companies to work towards their specific needs and objectives.

With Pegboard7, organisations extend the life and functionality of core systems (CRM, ERP, CMS) by integrating customer interactions into thoughtful and powerful experiences.

Pegboard has an extensive range of flexible and scalable engines that offer enterprise-level functionality and features to handle your website requirements. Whether you require a small company information website, an online sales catalogue, or you are developing a large corporate solution that requires the handling of multiple websites, online communities, member areas, e-Marketing and blogs – Pegboard can deliver.

As your website requirements evolve – which they inevitably will – Pegboard7 has been built to grow with you and ensure that your business needs are always being met. Pegboard7 can be integrated into your solution as you require, meaning you can start with a simple site and build up functionality over time.

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