How do you ensure your different business systems are in sync?

Inefficient management of multiple business systems

Traditionally, companies have taken a legacy approach to integrating their business systems through the implementation of multiple APIs.

This method often results in:

  • A tangled web of APIs that only a programmer can map and configure;
  • Limited or no visibility of integration preferences at the user level;
  • Debilitation of API effectiveness stemming from changes in environment (e.g. business growth); and
  • High costs associated with maintaining APIs to ensure useful integration.

Considering these limitations, it’s easy to see how inefficiencies arise when using traditional integration practices.

To productively manage multiple business systems within your organisation, you should be able to:

  • Configure your integration preferences without the need for a programmer;
  • Envisage all of your integrations as one entity, rather than multiple, individual APIs;
  • Easily and visibly track your integrations, data, and connections to business systems;
  • and Integrate any sales, marketing and business systems you currently use or would prefer to use.

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