Recently Home Timber and Hardware (a subsidiary of Woolworths) implemented SILicone for their annual tradeshow. By implementing SILicone, HTH were able to bring together data for the first time from their ERP system, IBM Cognos, their Tradeshow POS system and CRM system.

HTH’s CTO Mr. Darren Rowan said, “We needed a system that not only delivered real-time data across multiple systems, but provided stores with evidentiary information to make informed purchasing decisions prior to, and during the tradeshow event, for which SILicone delivered. For our own internal teams, SILicone delivered live reports for our buyers and management to track success for both our stores and suppliers on the week of the tradeshow, making it a truly proactive and successful event for our business.”
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Darren Rowan | Head of Technology | Home Timber & Hardware
With our integration of hotels and accommodation API’s into our Web environment, we were in a mess. The inability to smoothly change integration without huge cost coupled with the inability to track and report activity was stagnating our business quickly.

SILicone has uncomplicated our world. Automating our connectivity, dataflows, workflows and reporting. We now can save in resource and are agile in decision making which is enabling growth. A truly liberating experience.

Greg Doyle | CEO | Powderhounds

Further to the recent completion of our  project with Pegboard, I write to thank you and your team for making what was, for me, a fairly daunting project, into a well-managed, successful and, problem free experience.

The complete rebuild of the individual sites for our three brands was certainly an important step in aligning our objectives for our online presence with sites that provided the necessary tools to achieve those objectives, while also providing a CMS that was efficient and easy to use. You and your staff were on the front foot from the outset, helping us to define and articulate our objectives and design the site around them.

The time you took to get to know our business was particularly commendable. I was also very grateful that you were able to offer an end-to-end solution, overseeing every aspect of the consultation, scoping, design and integration processes.

We are extremely pleased with the end result and have received positive feedback from our customers with regard to design, functionality and content. We are also seeing some encouraging results with the increased levels of new enquiries that are now coming through the site. The new mobile sites have also been extremely well received in the field by both our customers and our sales staff. The team were always responsive to any requests and comments that I may have had and they always implemented any changes or suggestions quickly while, at the same time, remaining extremely patient!  They were also keen to offer advice where required and this was invaluable in a lot of situations where I had a distinct lack of expertise.

Thank you again for assisting us to achieve, what we believe to be, an industry benchmark with our three new websites and I look forward to working with you and your team in the future to develop them further with  some of the many options and capabilities that Pegboard has to offer.

Theresa Best | Marketing Manager | Southern Star Group of Companies

As someone who's grown up over the last 30 years in technology, I remember the good old days of mainframe environments, where we had the benefit of applications all being built in a single system and all tied together. If built in the right way, things certainly worked in those days, but they were costly and we never had the advantage of best-of-breed application.

Today, those applications have migrated to the cloud, and we are exposed to a multitude of fantastic applications, like Microsoft Dynamics and Xero, which truly offer software as a service.

Unfortunately, as we've moved from that old mainframe environment to today's cloud environment, whilst we might have gained in functionality and cost-effectiveness, we've also lost some of the advantages that existed with the integration that I grew up with some 30 years ago.

That's true up until today. That's why I'm excited to talk about Pegboard and specifically Pegboard SILicone and ODP platforms.

If you’re an organisation that really wants to transform your business, take all your applications into the online world, but keep them seamlessly tied together, then you really need to look at Pegboard as a provider. Pegboard's Online Digital Platform (ODP) allows you to modernise your online applications, enabling you to make the most of every customer interaction. Combining ODP with Pegboard SILicone allows you to integrate all of your marketing, sales systems and core business systems (think financial systems, document management system, ERP, etc.), regardless of where they sit in the cloud.

The combination of modern applications and Pegboard solutions allows you to have all the advantages that we experienced in the old days of mainframes and truly leverage best-of-breed applications that are offered in today's world of software as a service-based solutions. Go and have a conversation with the guys at Pegboard and work with them to help you transform your business.

Brett Bonser | Director | MathMarketing
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