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Research Report

Australian Integration Review 2018

There is one particular questions that the Pegboard team and I are constantly approached about by clients and members of the software community – “What’s next?"
We can all acknowledge the cloud as a major business disruptor, but innovation never sleeps. We need to look beyond the business environment we are presented with today and build upon it to improve the effectiveness of our businesses tomorrow. The purpose of this report is to expand upon the cloud environment as we know it and shape the debate around the next wave of innovation – cloud integration.

This report will explore enterprise-wide integration as it currently stands to help you understand:

  • The aptitude of Australian organisations to integrate their sales, marketing and core business systems;
  • The key issues that arise from a lack of integration;
  • How integration can be used to drive value within your organisation; and
  • To highlight the gaps that many organisations are failing to consider when they integrate their sales, marketing and core business systems.

To derive these insights, 150 Senior Executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and Senior IT Managers)from Australian organisations of varying sizes engaged in a face-to-face interview or online survey.

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