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Profile Piece: WONCA

Did you know? WONCA remains a valued client of PegboardCo over the past 10 years.

Did you know? WONCA remains a valued client of PegboardCo over the past 10 years.

The World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA) is a global not-for-profit organisation, based in Brussels Belgium. With 132 Member Organisations in as many as 110 countries and territories, it is the largest academic and scientific professional body for family doctors in Europe, and one of the largest worldwide. 

WONCA aims to improve the quality of life of the peoples of the world through fostering high standards of care in general practice/family medicine. They represent and act as an advocate for their integral members, including as the World Health Organisation.

Through their vast network of connections and special interest groups, WONCA works to support the professional development, research, education and quality improvement of family medicine. They do this though holding annual conferences in regions across the globe and working with a number of working parties and special interest groups to regularly meet and carry out ground-breaking research, studies and publications.

Over the decade, PegboardCo's platform solution has gone strength to strength, providing a flexible and robust website solution to deliver WONCA the tremendous growth it has experienced over the years. PegboardCo have developed strong relationships with WONCA Global Family Doctors, and will continue to work on future projects together to ensure WONCA's vision comes to light on their website and branding. 
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