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E-Marketing Module Updates Available Now

Pegboard CMS's Emarketing Module takes on some great new additions and functionality. Available now to Pegboard CMS Partners

Some great new features now available with the Pegboard E-Marketing Module
These new features concentrate on providing more statistical reporting and really let you understand how your customers are responding to your e-newsletter campaigns. All features are part of Pegboards CMS 5.3.1 release.

Now available with Pegboard E-Marketing:

  • Ability to view number of email views by an individual recipient (ie Joe Bloggs has opened this email 24 times)
  • Ability to view number of click-throughs by individual recipient
  • Ability to categorise individuals by number of clicks (eg 1-5, 5-10, 10-20 etc) and turn these into target lists for further campaigns.
  • Ability to create  target lists from recipient list (as above, without categorizing)
  • View the bounce back email addresses in the unsubscribe report, and view the totals in the site map
  • Simplified and improved subscriber group creation

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