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Pegboard News Updates

  • PSM

    PSM Launches with SILicone Solution (PSM), the largest national leader in online retail for Printers, Scanners and toners and accessories have launched with SILicone!

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  • 2019 Roadmap

    Pegboard ODP 7.0 Roadmap Released

    In preparation for the anticipated release of Pegboard ODP 7.0 we are excited to share with you our 2019 Roadmap.

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  • a 100% Australian owned

    Laptop Supermarket Launches new Website a 100% Australian owned leader in online retail for Laptops, Computers, Tablets, Servers and Monitors have launched their new website with Pegboard ODP.

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  • Lemac

    Lemac Australia adopt SILicone

    Australia's leading film and TV production supply and rental company has signed off on a Pegboard SILicone solution.

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  • Megalytics

    Introducing New Pegboard Client Reports

    In order to assist clients to expand and grow their digital environments, Pegboard has introduced our new client reports.

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  • Ashlie

    Introducing Our New Client Services Representative!

    Introducing to the Pegboard team our new Client Services Representative, Ashlie Williamson!

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  • Hocking Stuart

    Hocking Stuart launches Website with SIlicone technology

    One of Victoria premier Real Estate brands has adopted Pegboard SILicone for real time integration of their core systems.

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  • NoImage

    Whitehill adopts Pegboard for digital transformation

    Whitehill, Australia's largest Giftware distributor and wholesaler has engaged Pegboard to begin the process of delivering their digital presence.

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  • Headsetworld

    Headsetworld set to implement SILicone

    Up and coming ecommerce company Headset World is adopting SILicone.

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  • EBM Rentcover adopts Pegboard SILicone

    Aussie Insurer, EBM Rentcover adopts Pegboard SILicone

    As part of the ongoing success of the SILicone in the market. Pegboard has proudly announced it has begun working with National insurer EBM.

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