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Pegboard SILicone harmoniously connects all of your organisations core business systems and software platforms (think CRM, accounting software, and document management system) through a single point.

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Core systems and Marketing integration.

Every organisation employs numerous business, sales and marketing platforms to carry out their everyday activities.

Traditionally, multiple point-to-point integrations have been implemented between these systems in an attempt to aid productivity and decision making within organisations, with the ultimate goal of driving ROI.

What often ensues is a tangled web of unmapped integrations that do not scale to business growth, leaving employees frustrated.

Pegboard SILicone offers a new approach altogether.


Pegboard SILicone harmoniously connects all of your organisations core business systems and software platforms (think CRM, accounting software, and document management system) through a single point.

It replaces multiple point-to-point connections with one seamlessly integrated solution that allows you to view all of your data and information in a single location.

Pegboard SILicone is coherent, easy-to-use and facilitates live reporting, synchronisation and transparency across of all of your organisational data.

The Pegboard SILicone interface delivers two user dashboards:

  1. A dashboard for the IT department to add, create, map, report and manage their endpoint connections in one place.
  2. A dashboard for managers and staff to access to reports, summaries and useful tools that pull from any connected data source delivering untold productivity to stakeholders anywhere and at any time.


"Pegboard SILicone revolutionises organisational connectivity while keeping business objectives front of mind."


SILicone Architecture

SILicone uses the latest technology to deliver a high-performance, scalable and extensible environment for all forms of data collection, replication, transformation and reporting.

  • Latest Technology
  • Easy Deployment
  • Extensible
  • Scalable – From small to enterprise
  • RESTful interface to all functionality
  • Standard ODATA reporting sources for systems integrated with SILicone
  • Cloud-ready
  • Real-time notification of issues with systems integrated with SILicone
  • Flexible authentication and security management - integrate directly with existing authentication methods

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SILicone Endpoints

SILicone endpoints allow you to communicate with the various systems your company uses on a daily basis and create seamless integration between them. SILicone comes with a set of standard endpoints and can be extended to include custom solutions that are targeted to your particular business needs.

For example:

  • Dynamics CRM
  • Xero
  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint
  • Pegboard ODP
  • Payment & Freight Gateways  
  • SQL Custom

                             .......and many more 

SILicone leverages modern technologies such as RESTful APIs to make integrating with both old and new systems simple, clean and efficient. Additionally, our flexible architecture allows SILicone to integrate seamlessly with other legacy business systems through dedicated endpoints.

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IT Configuration Dashboard

Administrators can create easy to use dashboard views of relevant data for end-users or let them create their own.

  • Easy to use front end.
  • Single Page Application for enhanced user experience
  • Licensed modules automatically add themselves to the available configurations

Adding & Configuring Endpoints

  • Licensed modules give you the ability to create particular endpoints i.e. CRM Module allows you to create CRM endpoints
  • Simply add a new endpoint and point it at the system you wish to communicate with
  • Each endpoint can have its own custom settings and security
  • Each endpoint automatically makes itself available from the RESTful interface

Endpoint Reporting and Proactive Alerts

  • General statistics available for each endpoint
  • Endpoint specific stats
  • Reports can be built using the exposed ODATA data sources
  • Active Endpoint alerts when connections or servers go down   
  • Alerts can be configured to create a user task and/or be sent via e-mail, SMS, or other custom mechanism
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Live User Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Set up secure, automated summary reports as you require them pulled from any data source you have connected to SILicone. 

Whether it's for your Senior Management team, Department Managers, or even individual staff - internal or external -you have the power to deliver live, visual reporting via the SILicone Reports Dashboard anywhere and at anytime.

With Pegboard SILicone, you are instantly and cost effectively provided with productive information across your entire organisation.


Web Application portals

The sheer connectivity of your core business systems and marketing systems via Pegboard SILicone allows you to create forms, workflows, and pull data from multiple sources as required. This means that you can create web-based applications that you can deliver to internal staff to help their day to day operations.

For example, if your support staff have to interrogate multiple core systems when talking to a customer, adding in information individually into each core system. Not being able to see all required information at once or being able to capture or change information in one place. Pegboard SILicone Web Application portals allow you to customize, view and edit customer information as needed.

This saves organizations the high cost of customization within their core systems, and delivers a flexible, fast and cost-effective cloud option that gets you from concept to implementation quicker than your opposition could dream of.

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Where does SIL reside?

In today's business environment, organizations have multiple ways of housing their core systems and IT. Whether they are in the cloud, on internal servers, or have a mix of infrastructures required for their organization.

Pegboard SILicone is transportable and can be deployed internally or externally, in the cloud, or within your private server infrastructure. Pegboard work with you to ensure that when SILicone is deployed it is secure and configured best to connect to your core systems and data.

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Technical Spec & Security

Pegboard SILicone is a robust, secure enterprise environment built to be scalable, efficient, and intuitive.

Utilising the latest technologies but balanced with the reality of organizations requiring a stable, flexible platform, Pegboard SILicone is unique in both its architecture, specification, and security. This ensures that it operates above the mark when it comes to meeting the business compliance requirements within your organization.

Pegboard SILicone enables organisations to manage their own infrastructure choices by enabling flexible hosting choices such as:

  • On-premises Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cloud-hosting services

All access to data in SILicone is controlled using role-based security that can be configured to your needs from the IT console and enables reuse of security from the connected system(s.)

SILicone Support Team

Support is a key requirement for any software that you deploy into your IT infrastructure. At Pegboard we pride ourselves on supporting your organization completely and to the highest degree. We have a dedicated professional Support Team who are housed internally here at Pegboard and ready to work with you as required.  

"At Pegboard we believe that being proactive is the key to delivering excellent outcomes to clients."

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