ODP Support

Pegboard delivers professional full service support to its client base ensuring that clients investment into their online platform is fully backed and accessible. In todays market its not just what technology you use its knowing that it is fully supported at both the business and  product level. As a company we service a vast array of ODP's world wide from both small entities through to corporate environments.

One of the key points of difference with the Pegboard ODP is all adopters of the system have access to upgrades which essentially continue to deliver a platform that is up to date, secure and has the latest technology offerings. 

Our support delivers into these key areas;

  • Accessibility of support
  • Product support response times
  • Technical consultation support
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrade.

"If the product you use in your business doesn't have a support agreement in place, you are essentially putting your Online strategy at risk."

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