News Collections

The news module allows you to create Web pages for displaying collections of news articles.


  • News articles are displayed as a list of headlines or summaries
  • Date and a summary of the article
  • Sorted in reverse date order, so the latest news is always displayed first.
  • The front end user can select articles from the list to view their full details.
  • This module also has the ability to output images into the headlines within summary areas in the Web site.
  • All News items available on RSS

  • Features
  • Import and export every article via Excel
  • Create any number of categories and sub-categories
  • Display a summary of news articles anywhere on the Web site
  • Display a list of news articles with full details
  • Display the full detail of each news article
  • Add an image gallery to each news article
  • Add multiple image regions to each news article
  • Date selection tool for back dating or forward dating articles
  • Assign a headline, summary of the article and an image to each news article
  • Enter free form content though a WYSIWYG editor
  • Activate or de-activate the news article
  • Make the news article visible or invisible
  • Schedule when a news article is available
  • Choose the order of the news articles.
  • All news articles can be distributed to readers via a RSS feed.
  • Assign security access to news articles
  • Display recent articles on the Web site and automatically display the older article in separate archive page
  • Related news articles to other news articles or content on the website. E.g. documents.
  • Add new custom fields to the news article page (e.g. article source) *This is only available when the Data List module is activated.
  • Built in Payment Gateways

    Pegboard integrates with many payment gateways around the world, delivering a secure environment for online commerce and transactions within Pegboard7.

    View Specs
  • Powerful Products Flexibility

    Create and display a flexible and powerful online product catalogue.

    View Specs
  • Tell a Friend

    "Tell a friend" campaigns are a significant way to create activity at a product or brand level.

    View Specs
  • eCommerce Engine

    The eCommerce is a powerful shopping cart and payment gateway that provides a way for your website visitors to order products and to book events, utilising secure credit card transaction processing.

    View Specs
  • Shopping Integrated

    Pegboard7 is Integrated into Google shopping and delivers clients a set of reports and tools to continue manage and increase activity and sales on your Website.

    View Specs
  • Promotions and Loyalty Programs

    How are you interacting with your members or your clientele? Via Promotions and Loyalty programs in Pegboard7 you will create a strong following that will continue to keep your brand and products at the forefront of customers minds.

    View Specs
  • Integrated Freight Engines

    Freight is a very important part of ecommerce. With Pegboard7 you can calculate freight within the platform itself or you can use one of the integrated third party freight systems. Essentially its is about what suits your company and the flexibility that you require.

    View Specs
  • Shopping Cart

    The shopping cart and payment gateway to provide a way for your website visitors to order products and to book events, utilising secure credit card transaction processing. **Doesn't include Products module Shopping cart only**

    View Specs
  • Surveys

    Pegboard7 can allow you to create Surveys via its advanced form builder. Thereby delivering you the means to interact and gather user information, profiles and activity on the Website.

    View Specs
  • Polls

    Create simple questions with multiple choice answers and produce statistics of voters.

    View Specs
  • SEO Optimise

    Our SEO Optimise features allows you to edit the web page metadata that is critical to search engine performance.

    View Specs
  • Events

    The Events Engine allows you to create web pages containing lists of events and calendars. Events also include the ability to allow web visitors to register for your events through e-commerce.

    View Specs
  • Google Integration

    Marketing and utilising Google tools in Pegboard7 delivers greater results and better intelligence to the business owner. Pegboard continues to deliver a fully integrated approach to Google tools.

    View Specs
  • Banner Ads

    Banner Ads module allows you to manage Collections of Ads within the Pegboard console and display these on the Website in any place that you designate in your template.

    View Specs
  • eMarketing

    eMarketing gives you the ability to send customized branded emails direct to your web customers. Send newsletters and promotional; material to subscribed users.

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  • Statistics and Reporting Tools

    It is so important that your platform delivers the reporting that allows you to continue to grow sales or understand users needs better. The Pegboard7 has a raft of different reporting and statistical tools that enable fast response and easy access to the needs of the business.

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  • SMS Enablement

    Instead of sending emails, send SMS messages. Let customers, staff, fans and suppliers know vital information immediately and directly on their personal phone.

    View Specs
  • Multisite Functionality

    Ability to manage multiple subsidiary sites from the one Pegboard console. This only applies for subsidiary sites for the same company or entity.

    View Specs
  • Content Editing

    Content Editing allows you to have complete control over the content of your Web site.

    View Specs
  • News Collections

    The news module allows you to create Web pages for displaying collections of news articles.

    View Specs
  • Searching and Indexing

    The ability to search and index content quickly and efficiently is standard in Pegboard7. we utilise a global engine within Pegboard called Lucene which delivers flexibility of how users search information but also what clever ways that results need to be delivered back to users..

    View Specs
  • Gallery

    As well as adding a simple image gallery to any web page; Pegboard can add a Silverlight, Java or Flash based (or AJAX for compatibility) image gallery to any page.

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  • Extranet Members

    Delivering both an Extranet and Members environment. Make web pages accessible using a login. Secure Members Areas, Intranets and more.

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  • Forms and Form Creation

    Form and form building is a critical part of Pegboard7 it allows clients to saves data to the Pegboard Database and create and control Forms around the Website.

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  • WC3, WCAG 2.0 Compliant

    View Specs
  • Document Management

    The Documents engine allows you to create web pages for displaying lists of downloadable documents. Members can also upload documents via this module.

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  • User Security

    Pegboard takes security very seriously. Security and personalization means that clients have a flexible regime for staff to deliver content to the Website with the knowledge that information is secure.

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  • Auditing, Roll Back

    The Auditing Roll Back module provides an "undo" button across the clients website with no limitations

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  • HR/Recruitement

    Take charge of recruitment for your organisation of for clients with the Pegboard HR/Recruitment Module. List a large number of job vacancies, with summaries, job descriptions and forms for applicants to submit requests and their CV.

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  • Mobile Website Design

    A Jakob Nielsen study says business’s need to make it easy for their customers to connect with them so they optimise their websites for use on mobile devices.

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  • Auto Device detection

    The architecture of Pegboard7 has been built so that devices connecting into the URL are automatically detected and render the appropriate design for the Website. This enables organisations to specifically leverage off Pegboard to specific environments that they need to display or render to simply and easily.

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  • Pegboard Smartphone App

    The Pegboard Mobile Content Manager (MCM) is a productivity tool that delivers Marketing managers, Website owners and Content contributors a way of adding, editing and broadcasting content on their Pegboard Websites and Social Media collateral from their Smartphone.

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  • Smartphone Application Builds

    Market leading companies, globally, are capitalising on the smart phone phenomenon to build stronger customer relationships. Almost all of them have Smartphone applications to attract new customers as well as keep in touch with their existing customers.

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  • Social Broadcasting Management Platform

    The Pegboard Social Media module allows you to share content directly from your CMS to your favourite social media websites. This module helps you increase your online presence by leveraging your social network to drive users to your website.

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  • Social Content Sharing

    By sharing content via social media you allow for fast enablement of users to utilize information off a website and pass it on to other users via their own means and where they see fit.

    View Specs
  • Blog Engine

    Blogs allows Web Administrators to publish an online journal or diary on the Website and allows web users to leave comments for each journal entry.

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  • Forums

    Forums allow visitors to communicate with each other by posting messages. Visitors can view forum posts, add messages in and around the forum. When posting in the forum, you can create new topics (or "threads") or post replies within existing threads.

    View Specs
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