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Mobile is the fastest growing area in user interaction. Pegboard7 delivers a seamless interaction between the Web Browser and mobile devices for clients. The platform, content and functionality becomes the base for delivering to multiple external devices and sources.

  • Mobile Website Design

    A Jakob Nielsen study says business’s need to make it easy for their customers to connect with them so they optimise their websites for use on mobile devices.

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    Mobile Website Design Specifications


    Access to the world’s largest libraries, most powerful information-gathering tools, up-to-the-minute news, and contact with friends and family around the world can all be achieved now with a tiny pocket-sized device. Mobile websites are no longer an option for businesses that want to be profitable – they are a necessity.

    • Mobile internet is one of the fastest-growing communications phenomena in the world.
    • ABS  indicates around 95 million mobile internet devices were sold in 2012.
    • The advents of the iPhone, Android and Nokia mobile web devices have changed the way we think about delivering web content forever
    • There are currently over 1 million people in Australia using their mobile devices for searching


      The Pegboard ODP is mobile ready and uses industry standards to offer either responsive or customized design approaches. This delivers the flexibility to match the needs of your online investment and its requirements


    Mobile websites will:

    • Eliminate the need for side-to-side scrolling
    • Try to eliminate the need for entering text as far as possible
    • Deliver the most appropriate content to your customer whilst on the move.


      Mobile websites and mobile applications that are accessible to all different mobile device users, and maintain the same high standards that people have come to expect on the standard web. Our mobile phone marketing and website development will:

      • Align with how mobile internet users intuitively expect to navigate sites
      • Are professionally designed
      • Allow your customers to contact you with a couple of clicks
      • Comply with W3C and .mobi guidelines
  • Auto Device detection

    The architecture of Pegboard7 has been built so that devices connecting into the URL are automatically detected and render the appropriate design for the Website. This enables organisations to specifically leverage off Pegboard to specific environments that they need to display or render to simply and easily.

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    Auto Device detection Specifications


    • Features
    • Covers all standard devices 
    • Ability to customize design to different screen sizes that are not standard 
    • Administrative Features
    • Simple Skin settings
    • Automatic device detection
  • Pegboard Smartphone App

    The Pegboard Mobile Content Manager (MCM) is a productivity tool that delivers Marketing managers, Website owners and Content contributors a way of adding, editing and broadcasting content on their Pegboard Websites and Social Media collateral from their Smartphone.

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    Pegboard Smartphone App Specifications


    iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 5


    •  Features
    • Available in IPhone App Store
    • Available in Android App Store
    • Ability to manage News
    • Ability to manage Blogs
    • Ability to manage Galleries
    • Integrates into the Pegboard Social Media broadcasting engine
    • Security Protocols in place 
  • Smartphone Application Builds

    Market leading companies, globally, are capitalising on the smart phone phenomenon to build stronger customer relationships. Almost all of them have Smartphone applications to attract new customers as well as keep in touch with their existing customers.

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    Smartphone Application Builds Specifications


    •  Features
    • IPhone
    • Android
    • Integrated with ODP
    • Administrative Features
    • Process management
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