Is limited support hindering your integration capability?

Limited integration support

Support services are often limited to online forums and how-to videos. As a result, the personalised requirements or issues pertaining to the management of your integrations are responded to with a generic solution and are timely to seek.

Integration support typically lies with your API programmer. And when an organisation uses a point-to-point integration method, they are likely to have multiple API programmers in place who look after their respective integration.

So it’s easy to see how lines of support can become cumbersome when there are multiple programmers you are required to deal with.

Support for your organisation’s integration needs should be streamlined and easily accessible.

Pegboard SILicone integrates all of your sales, marketing and core systems through a single point. This allows the Pegboard team to deliver professional, full service support to ensure that all of your individual integration needs are constant being satisfied.

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